Strategic Tech Event

Executive Summary

Foxymojo & Co. is excited to propose a two-day tech event in Ipoh, Perak, targeting 300 participants (mostly decision makers). This premier event aims to bring together innovative startups and forward-thinking investors from across Southeast Asia. The event will not only highlight emerging technologies but also reinforce Ipoh’s position as the “Silver Valley” of Asia, akin to the Silicon Valley in the United States.


The primary objectives of the event are to:

  1. Foster connections between startups and investors.
  2. Showcase innovative products and services.
  3. Strengthen Ipoh’s brand as a hub for technology and innovation.
  4. Encourage local economic growth through increased investment.
  5. Host a startup battle pitch with a significant prize to spur competition and innovation.

Rationale for Timing

  • Emerging Market: Southeast Asia is rapidly becoming a hotbed for tech startups, with a growing pool of talent and increasing investment.
  • Government Initiatives: The Malaysian government’s support for digital economy initiatives aligns with our vision to position Ipoh as a tech hub.
  • Global Trends: Amidst the global shift towards digitalization, now is the opportune moment to capitalize on the momentum and establish a strong tech presence in Asia.

Expected Outcomes for Ipoh

  1. Economic Growth: The event will stimulate the local economy by attracting investment and creating opportunities for local businesses.
  2. Brand Enhancement: Ipoh’s reputation as a tech hub will be strengthened, attracting more startups and investors in the future.
  3. Talent Attraction and Retention: The event will attract talented individuals to Ipoh and provide opportunities for local talent to connect with startups and investors.
  4. Innovation Promotion: The startup battle pitch will encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, contributing to the overall tech ecosystem in Ipoh.


The estimated budget for the two-day event, targeting 300 participants (mostly decision-makers), is as follows (in Ringgit Malaysia):

ItemDescriptionCost (RM)
OperationsVenue rental, equipment, staffing, security, logistics, work pre, during and post event240,000
MarketingDigital, print, outdoor advertising80,000
CateringFood and beverages 75,000
SpeakersHonorariums for keynote and session speakers30,000
Startup Battle Pitch PrizeCash prize for the winning startup20,000
MiscellaneousContingencies and other expenses20,000


This two-day tech event, targeting 300 participants (mostly decision makers), is a strategic investment in the future of Ipoh as a leading tech hub in Asia. We invite you to join us in this groundbreaking initiative. Your support as a sponsor will not only contribute to the success of this event but also to the broader vision of transforming Ipoh into the “Silver Valley” of Asia.